News Flash: Women are cheating with no regrets!

  “I Cheated on My Man Several Times in 30 Days!” With Several Different Men!!!

Learn the real reason why more and more women are cheating on their husbands and boyfriends and why the situation is only getting worse!

”No! He Didn’t Cheat On Me First and NO! This is Not a Joke.”

The Bestselling book “When Women Cheat” tells all about this New Phenomenon affecting Millions of Women worldwide and how it is ultimately affecting YOU!

If you are struggling to come to terms with modern Infidelity Issues then this book is exactly what you need….

Ø Learn from shocking first hand accounts of women’s cheating, how and why they do it.


Ø Learn from scientific evidence and expert insights about alarming global infidelity statistics for women and the effect it is having on men, women themselves and children.


Ø Find out the signs of a cheating spouse, what you can do to protect yourself, stop the cheating and have the love, respect and healthy sex life you’ve always wanted.

As you read every word of this report you will become stunned at the things you take for granted everyday in your relationship and how the female role is changing fast.  

Read every single word below, because this thing will really change your life…

Dear Friend,

If you are reading this, the chances of you being a victim of infidelity is more than 50%. Maybe you are the one cheating or maybe you have been cheated on?

Maybe you would never have suspected that your partner cheated? Maybe you’re curious about your ex and now that you think back on the relationship … did he or she cheat on you?

Is the cheating your own fault? Are you doing something to inadvertently make yourself less sexually attractive to your partner?

These are just a few of the shocking facts in the eBook:

·       Modern Men are rapidly becoming submissive Beta Males, both socially and physically.

·       Modern women have an increased lust for sex, while their male counterparts are becoming increasingly unable to cope.

·       Our love ideals are beginning to crumble, as we stay faithful to no one but ourselves.

·       Modern men are being cuckolded through society, technology and through cheating wives.

·       Women initiate most divorces.

  Confessions of a Chronic Cheater and Modern Infidelity!

What makes women so hard to deal with nowadays? Why are so many women living as singles and are there triggers in our society that motivate us to be unfaithful?

What if you actually discovered that women no longer feel motivated nor required to stay monogamous anymore?

And that the modern man is actually a beta male, with a mind set mirroring that of a cuckolded man?

As you read the book “When Women Cheat,” you will discover:

·       Why more and more women want to cheat

·       Learn all about the new Female Agenda.

·       How women become dominant and men become submissive and how men are being conditioned to actually feel good about it!

·       How to avoid becoming “emotionally castrated” and recover from your cheating spouse!

·       How to identify if your woman is an Alpha female and if you are a Beta male!

·       Why women, socially and biologically, become unsatisfied and unhappy in their relationships faster than men do and why men hopelessly try to please the modern woman.

See our video below and see what it's all about!



“Interesting book and very provocative views on the modern female agenda. I think it is a courageous, experimental, refreshing and thoughtful book. It gives food for thought about how we perceive our illusions and ideas about relationships, infidelity and how men and women view each other in the year 2011”
Claire, United Kingdom



“Why Most Relationships Fail – and What You Can Do About It”

Affairs leave behind broken hearts, broken families, divorces as far as the eye can see and personal insecurity and contempt towards the opposite sex.

Can you ever regain your trust for a woman or man after infidelity?

Why do women cheat and what happens to a man when they do?

What if you actually discovered the honest and brutal truth to these questions, truth that has been distorted for decades through the media and pop culture?

What if you actually could get an insider’s look at modern female infidelity and a better understanding of why women cheat or why she might want to cheat?

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WARNING: Before You Become a Beta Male, READ THIS!
If you’re a man reading this website, you would probably never have thought that your loving wife or adorable girlfriend could ever cheat on you.

You wouldn’t even think that the thought could have ever crossed her mind!  Unfortunately, statistics say otherwise and the eBook “When Women Cheat” reveals ugly truths that you refused to allow yourself to accept or see before AND how to cope with them.

The thought of your lady being someone else’ “good-time girl” might devastate you. But, sadly, it is often the men who are the last to know. 

Don’t be left in the dark! Arm yourself with the most recent studies and evidence about female infidelity, the new media effects on women and the mental castration of men.

Inside this eye-opening book you'll learn...

1.          What goes on inside a woman's mind... and how attraction works for her.

2.          How to "cheat-proof" your relationship... and why she might be tempted.

3.          The common yet fatal mistakes to avoid that most men make with women in relationships.

4.          What to do if your woman has a "wandering eye".

5.          The differences in how modern men and women think about faithfulness...

6.          The secrets to reading a woman that will create lasting love , mutual respect and affection. 

7.          The truth about women who aren't "emotionally available"... how to know if you've got one and what to do if you're dating one.

8.          The things men do that annoy women, kill intimacy and starts the beginning-of-the-end for relationships!


The Truth About Female Infidelity!

The Desires and demands of the modern woman.

Have you been feeling betrayed, deceived and do you feel that your woman has strayed from your relationship?

Then you are probably like most men and you recognize that it is getting harder and harder to live up to all the demands from modern women, both sexually, personally, financially and physically too. Their requirements for “the perfect man” are constantly growing and the list gets longer every day.

Do you ever feel like it’s just no use even attempting to demonstrate you male dominance to your woman?

That it is just too late in the relationship to turn the tide? Did you ever feel like the chips (society, her friends) are stacked against you?

Well, you are not alone, my friend.

This is a global phenomenon! A constant feeling in inadequacy has imprinted itself in many men and you’ll need new and modern tools to cope with and understand this.



“I’ve always been thinking about, why I was insecure about women once I got into a steady relationship. I might have turned the blind eye, but after reading this book I see much more, how important insight needs to be for young men. Even though it’s hard to admit, I’ve been raised as a so called “beta male” and with the prior bad experiences with girls, I’ve finally learned how to work more with me, my security and trust with women”
Ralph, United Kingdom


Is female infidelity worse than male infidelity?

Yes! The infidelity from women in their tell–all testimonies described in this eBook, is actually far harsher, more violent, more devastating and humiliating for the male and masculine identity than if the other way around.

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You’ll see for yourself why this male and masculine despair often leaves men in a permanent state as a beta-male. A modern state that many men are raised in.

But do women really want a beta-male as their partner? The answer will shock you!

“Women, Will Your Relationship Stand the Cheating Test?”

If you’re a woman reading this report, you’ve probably never thought of yourself as the “cheating type” or maybe you’ve just begun to start thinking this way? Maybe you’re just “curious”?

You may be just a bit insecure about where you are in your life with your current man. You might have always thought, that the man you love is the man you will stay faithful to.

You might also have thought and believed the myth, that if you “truly love your partner, you will never cheat on him”.

You are not alone. Studies show that more than half of you feel this way!

You’ve probably also heard your cheater girlfriends admit their infidelity in absolute confidentiality and when being asked “But why did you cheat? Don’t you love your husband?” Their answer was, “Yes! I do love him! I don’t know why I did it” – or something very similar.

So why did she cheat? And most importantly, could your friends’ same irrational reasons become your own someday? Is there a cheater lurking inside of you too?!?

The answers in the e-book “When Women Cheat” will shock and surprise you!

Maybe you’ve already cheated on your husband or boyfriend and you don’t feel there’s anything wrong with that? Maybe you even get a little “high” each time you cheat? But do you even know why?

Was it cool to your girlfriends? Did you feel good and escape your problems for a little while. Is there some biological reason why you did it?

Is it your man that first lost interest in you? And how will your next relationship be any different?

How can it be, that the man you once fell madly in love with is suddenly the same person that you no longer wish to have sex with? Or don’t have the energy to “be a woman” for him? (but for others!)

Did you know that?

1. Your success could be making you unsexy.  

2. There are controversial Secrets women can use to maintain interest from their man and even improve his sexual excitement and desire!

3. Unless you read this book- you may be inadvertently making yourself less attractive to suitors

What Every Couple Should Know About Romance, Infidelity and Each Other!

Buy now and learn these secrets about women… and read interviews with women who reveal it themselves!

·        Why size really matters to men! And why it does not to women!

·        Why modern women are more happy being single than being in monogamous relationships!

·        Why the next generation of boys and girls are growing further and further away from the ways we perceive masculinity and femininity!

·        Why men are afraid to hear the truth about female infidelity

·        How modern women engage in obedience training with their modern men

·        Why infidelity is such a life-confirming act that makes women hunger for more and more

·        How to make your woman be more sexually attractive to you

YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK To Take Control of Your Masculinity and Regain Sexual Power in your Life!

“One of the most exciting and eye opening books I’ve ever read about cheating women and how we men actually behave and think. This is a serious and honest look into the mind of men … every woman should read this, since we aren’t always too good to express our thoughts!”
Michael, USA

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Not only will you read about the new theories about female infidelity, alpha females, and beta male mentality and much, much more. You will actually be able to read true first-hand interviews with women of all ages, confessing their infidelity!

You will read why they cheat, how they do it, what motivates and drives them towards infidelity, what they really feel about their husband at home and why they simply can’t stop cheating anymore!

When you read their honest and anonymous interviews, it will become clearer than ever before, that the controversial, exciting and new information found in the e-book “When Women Cheat” is truthful and applicable to many, many females that you know.

This will free you from the confusion and painful suffering caused by cheating!
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“This is the most insightful book I have read about the emotions that men go through, when they discover there are wives cheating on them. It gave me insight that I had never come across before. This book helped me overcome or at least understand my emotions as a man”
Carl Gustav, Sweden


Don’t let “stiletto feminism” make you a Beta-male and destroy your sex life! Know what women are thinking and what they are doing and how it affects you.

Click Here Now to Learn Secrets That Most Men Will Never Know About Women and modern female infidelity - before it’s too late.”


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